Coaching Agility From Within | Agile Team Coaching Certification
Coaching Agility from Within
A Cohort Journey to Masterful Agile Team Coaching
What do you do when you’ve exhausted everything in your team toolkit, and it’s still not working?
Team meeting in front of white board with sticky notes Team meeting in front of white board with sticky notes

Imagine being the kind of leader who...

  • Inspires and motivates high-performing Agile teams
  • Grows other leaders 
  • Helps teams have difficult conversations with grace and ease 
  • Feels competent and experienced
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Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.

- Amy Poehler
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Coaching Agility from Within is designed to help you go from asking...

  • How do I skillfully deal with resistance in my team? 
  • How do I navigate team conflict that arises in the moment? 
  • How do I help my team reach high performance? 
  • How can I tell if what I’m doing even qualifies as  team coaching? 
  • How do I coach leaders in my organization who just ‘don’t get it’?
  • How can I stop feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing and worrying that someone will find me out? 

To Leading...

  • I see conflict as a source of energy for my team and I  feel confident in my ability to work with it.  I’m also not afraid to bring conflict forward if it’s impeding progress.
  • I am clear about how I evaluate where a team is at when I engage with them and support teams in their journey to high performance. I am a skilled coach and it shows.
  • I am confident in my ability to coach a team.  I’m adapting both my leadership style and the way I engage, to support them in doing their best work. 
  • I am highly sought after because I’m masterful at leading change in Agile teams.
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Application is required:

  • 6 days to register after acceptance to secure your spot

Must currently hold:

Take the fast track with our Agile Facilitation and Coaching Intensive

Agile Knowledge:

  • Deep knowledge of Agile mindset, values, principles and practices and different frameworks to put these principles into action. This program does not cover Agile practices in detail. We start with the assumption that you have a base knowledge of agility. The skills and competencies covered in this program will help you be agile rather than just do Agile. 

As a result of this program you will be...

Competent + Experienced
You’ll no longer feel off balance when conflict arises with your team because you’ve had plenty of time to integrate your coaching and facilitation skills in a rigorous, feedback-rich environment.
Skillful + Proficient
You’ll have access to your full set of skills - not just the one or two that you had time to practice in class.  No more winging it or playing safe hoping no one will notice.
Accomplished + Capable
The cohort relies on experiential learning.  Your skills and growth will be mirrored back to you in real time.  No more simulations or just theory.  All of the feedback you receive is based on your work with your real teams.  
In-Demand + Sought After

Whether you work in an organization or as an independent, you will become the person that others seek out when the situation becomes difficult or complex.  As a result, you’ll naturally see exponential growth in your reputation.

Components of the Program

This in-depth 8 month program is rigorous, placing an emphasis on practice and feedback opportunities through skill drills, peer coaching, team coaching, ongoing group work, professional one-on-one coaching and one-on-one supervision of actual Agile coaching sessions. You will have ample opportunity to learn from your peers and bring real-world scenarios to the group for feedback and guidance.  

5-Day Remote Residential
A deep dive into the practice of team coaching. Here is where you will take all of your learning in each competency and practice integrating them into your work with teams. What does it mean to see a team as a system, be able to read the room so you can help the team see their patterns so they can change what’s getting in their way. The retreat prepares you personally to level up your work with teams.
Weekly Group Cohort Calls
The program includes twenty-five 90-minute group cohort sessions where we will focus on a weekly theme. These weekly group calls will vary in format to include deepening the understanding of a concept, case studies, triad  and dyad practice, and coaching. Prior to each call there will be required pre-work. The pre-work will be sent out one week ahead of time and may include reading, reflection, journaling, or preparation of a case study.
Capstone Agile Coaching Stance
The program will conclude with the development and articulation of your Agile coaching stance, how you work with teams, why you do what you do.
5 Hours of Individual Professional Coaching
with a Certified Professional Coach, for each participant. One of the best ways to learn coaching is to be a recipient of coaching. These calls are intended to provide space for personal growth.
Reading and Journaling

Developing the skills of an Agile coach requires attention to your own development first. Each month participants will complete reading and journaling assignments designed to expand your knowledge and self-awareness and help you prepare for the group calls and your individual coaching calls.

Small Group Calls
Periodically throughout the program there will be small group calls which will focus on a skills practices or group supervision.
2 Supervisions
2 hours of Individual (one-on-one) Supervision, where you bring a video (or audio) showing your skills in facilitating, teaching, coaching or mentoring. The Supervisor will assess your Agile coaching against a set of open, transparent competencies and provide feedback and growth opportunities.
Final Assessment
Your final assessment will include a written component: journal entries and reflection questions; and a demonstration component. For demonstration you will submit a video for facilitation and teaching and a video or audio for coaching and mentoring.
The Top 5 Benefits the Program
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Two certifications: 

  • ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) 
  • TeamCatapult Structural Dynamics Team Facilitator and Coach (SDTFC) 

A professional and supportive network.
You will have a life-long network of people to support you along your journey.


Personalized feedback.
You will receive feedback from your peers and co-leaders to apply your skills in an adaptive way. Then, you’ll get feedback from your clients in your real world environment to understand the impact you have. We do not rely on role plays or made-up cases to help you grow.


Develop your Agile coaching practice through experience.
This program, by its nature, will propel your practice forward quickly; forcing you to practice the whole arch from contracting to coaching and completing an engagement.


1:1 Coaching and 1:1 Supervision.
Unlike basic certification programs, we believe that an important way to learn coaching is by receiving coaching.  You’ll deepen your skills and awareness because the skills and presence will be modeled for you throughout.

What to Expect
8-month commitment to the program

Weekly meeting every Monday via Zoom

Average Weekly Time Commitment - Expect to spend about on average about 6 hours a week working on the program. Some weeks maybe more.
  • Homework / Journaling: 1.5 hours
  • Cohort Meetings: 1.5 hours
  • Coaching / Mentoring Individuals: 1 hour
  • Coaching a Team: 1 hour
  • Facilitating or Training a Team: 1 hour
What You Will Do
  • 24 Hours of Individual Coaching and Mentoring. Participants must complete at least 24 hours of individual coaching and mentoring. Ideally, this will come from at least 2 individuals (may be peers/colleagues, may not be other certification participants) that the participant identifies and establishes an explicit coaching relationship.

  • 24 Hours of Team Coaching and Mentoring. You  must also complete at least 24 hours of coaching and mentoring with a team.

  • 24 Hours of Facilitation and Training. Participants should identify at least one opportunity per month to either facilitate and/or teach with a team.

It opened my mind!

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Highly recommended - time well spent!

What You Will Gain
Clarity in your own
Team Coaching practice.

If you are an external coach, you will refine how you think about your own practice of Agile team coaching and how you contract with teams. If you are internal, you will refine how you talk about the outcomes of working with a coach and the outcomes teams can expect. In either case, you will become more clear about boundaries and what creates the best environment for teams to thrive. 
Personal Growth.
How we think is how we lead others. Continue the journey of personal growth that started for you in the foundational facilitation and coaching courses. When Agile coaches are able to come from a place of greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-mastery and self-authority then they show up for teams in a more powerful way with greater results.
Proficiency in Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation.
This part of the journey is steeped in real-world practice. You will be working with real teams and getting feedback along the way. This will deepen and refine your skills.
Greater demand for your services.
People don’t contract for your services because of a piece of paper, they work with you because of the deeper work you have done to refine and master the craft of coaching teams and the positive impact you have when you work with others.  
Meet Your Cohort Leaders
Marsha Acker | CPF, CPCC, PCC, ICE-AC, ICAgile Coaching Track Co-Founder
Marsha coaches leaders and teams, who want to work in a more agile manner and lead change in their organization. She is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF), Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and Certified Structural Dynamics Interventionist through the Kantor Institute and Dialogix. Her coach training is from Coaches Training Institute and Center for Right Relationships.

The biggest opportunity for today’s leaders is…to create engaging and collaborative environments that access the collective intelligence of their teams and also accomplish the desired results. I often find leaders who are really good at one or the other but struggle with creating both. Those that can cultivate range in their leadership have a real opportunity to achieve even greater performance. 

Kay Harper | ICE-AC, ORSCC and Agile Coaches’ Coach

Kay coaches leaders and teams that are looking to grow and reach higher levels of success in this challenging time of exponential change. Kay’s passion is being a catalyst for organizations as they navigate this transformation, speeding up the rate in which individuals and teams become more engaged and produce better results. Her lifelong experience as a leader, coach, consultant and practitioner gives Kay a keen understanding of what’s needed to help businesses thrive in the increasingly unpredictable market. Kay is a founding member of Agilehood KC, a non-profit group that supports, fosters and educates the Kansas City community in Lean/Agile mindsets and practices.

The biggest opportunity for leaders today is…to grow their organizations by unleashing the power of the individuals and teams that work there, creating a vision that inspires the people within the organization to do their best work, and authentically supporting individuals and teams in their individual and cumulative growth.

Antoinette Coetzee | ICE-AC, ORSCC, Scrum Alliance CEC, ICP-ENT, ICP-CAT and Agile Coaches’ Coach

Antoinette has been part of the Agile movement since working with some of the original Manifesto signatories in 1996. She spent several years as Agile team member developing software products. She has been an Agile mentor since 2005, then received coaching from Agile Coaching Institute in the US in 2009 to kick off her Agile coaching career as Team Coach. She was part of the first Enterprise Coaching cohort in the US in 2014 and completed her certification in a cohort in 2015. Since then she has focused on growing agility at the enterprise level. This is achieved both through the adoption of Agile and Lean practices, but more importantly by leaders at all levels growing their inner agility.

Antoinette collaborates extensively with the front-runners in Agile coaching and leadership world-wide to train and develop Team Coaches, Enterprise Coaches and Agile Leaders. She frequently leads classes internationally, both in person and virtually. She is a coach of coaches, through training and mentoring, as well as one-on-one coaching. She spends most of her time collaborating with leadership teams and Agile transformation leads, as well as more junior leaders like Agile coaches and ScrumMasters. Her aim is to grow agility in EVERYONE, and coaching others how to do it. In line with that aim she often helps organisations set up internal coaching competencies.

She is a trained professional coach and certified in Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). Her forte is changing culture and growing high performance in leadership teams, including teams in conflict.

Antoinette is an accomplished speaker and regularly delivers talks and workshops on agility, leadership and transformation at local and international conferences.

William Strydom | ACC, CPCC, ORSCC, ICPENT, ICP-CAT, ICP-ATF, CSM, CEC and Agile Coaches’ Coach

William Strydom is a Co-Active and Agile Coach. He is currently focusing on leadership and agile coaching. He enjoys helping organizations and teams to transition to agile practices gaining agility in their organizations and teams.

He was the Vice President of Technology at an educational company before pivoting his career to focus on Agile and coaching. He has over 10 years’ experience in Agile and over 25 years of software development and IT experience.

His career progressed from a mainframe developer fixing the “Y2K bug”; to a web developer building website functionality which is still being used 15 years later; to a project manager delivering projects within the triple constraints; to leading the technical department in an agile way at an educational company.

He worked in various sectors ranging from the local government, financial institutions, an educational company and the federal government.

This is a competency certification, NOT an attendance certification
You cannot go through the motions in this program.  We expect that you will commit to the program and invest the time in your own learning, show up and engage, and express a sincere desire to improve.

In return, you can expect that we will show up and engage and support and challenge you in your journey.
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ICAgile Expert in Agile Coaching Certification

The program is about so much more than certification. Our primary objective is helping you grow your own leadership in this journey. In fact, if you're considering joining the cohort simply for the certification, please do not apply.

But as an added benefit to growing your coaching ability, from within, upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICE-AC)

Dates and Fees
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The Cohort has launched! 

The next cohort will launch Oct 26, 2020 - June 14, 2021.

Apply now to be added to the waitlist!

We will meet weekly, every Monday (except U.S. bank holidays). You will have the choice of:

Cohort 1:  7:30 AM – 9:00 AM ET
Cohort 2:  11:00 AM
 – 12:30 PM ET
Cohort 3:  1:00 PM
 – 2:30 PM ET (FULL)

The 5-day remote residential dates are as follows for the Monday sessions:

Cohort 1:  Week of February 22, 2021
Cohort 2:  Week of March 8, 2021
Cohort 3:  Week of March 1, 2021


The fee for the 8 month Cohort program is regularly $7,100.

We are offering a special 2020 Cohort rate of $6,300.

What’s included in your program fee:
  • 12 Cohort group calls

  • 3 small group supervision calls

  • 5 hours of individual coaching with a certified professional coach

  • 2 hours of individual supervision with a certified professional coach

  • The Kantor Baseline Profile assessment (to be completed as part of your pre-work)

  • Participant materials and access to the cohort learning portal

  • The ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching Certification Fee (this fee is normally $1275 when done directly with ICAgile)

Payment Options:
When you are accepted into the program you will have two options for payment:
A one-time payment of $6,300 or a deposit of $1,800 and 7 monthly payments of $733.

Take your Agile Team Coaching skills to the


I thought I knew Agile. And then I got schooled.


...a great opportunity to learn new tools that can be used not just for work but in your personal life...

Being in the course
is an amazing opportunity...even if you think you have enough knowledge or experience you will find more!

...Very informative...Real life application..."

Coaching Agility from Within
A Cohort Journey to Masterful Agile Team Coaching
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