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Advanced Facilitation: Self-Mastery and Reading Group Dynamics
Self-awareness and the ability to confidently read the group are key characteristics of leadership range. 

Here's What We Will Cover in the Advanced Facilitation Workshop

  • Understand what it means to 'read the room' and reveal the hidden dynamics
  • How to recognize your impact on others
  • Seeing and working with conflict; diagnose and change stuck dynamics
  • Giving teams a language for skillfully holding tough conversations
  • The Kantor Behavioral Baseline Profile and Structural Dynamics
  • Understanding your Kantor Baseline Behavioral Profile and how to apply it in day-to-day interactions 
  • Working with group behavior using an implicit mental model and an explicit model for intervention 
  • Recognizing the content, style, and structure of a group's behavior
The Advanced Facilitation workshop will take you on a personal journey to deepen your leadership practice as facilitator, coach or team leader – building your own capacity to lead and work collaboratively in order to help others do the same.

You’ll be able to better read a room behaviorally and name the hidden dynamics beneath the surface of the group and effectively help the group modify their behaviors to achieve the best possible outcomes.

You will leave with a deepened self-awareness and a model for transforming difficult group dynamics into something meaningful and productive.


"This workshop gave me a language for being able to see and describe challenging conversations and team dynamics that I've experienced in the past and how I can change them moving forward. Great experience!"


Advanced Facilitation is about increasing your self-awareness so you can read the room, name the hidden dynamics beneath the surface, and effectively help groups modify their behaviors to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

For those with previous facilitation training and demonstrable knowledge of basic facilitation skills, this workshop will help you become more adept at identifying communication challenges in groups so you can help them unlock the wisdom that resides within.

This multi-day advanced training will take you on a personal journey to deepen your leadership practice as facilitator, coach, or team leader. 

  • Become adept at identifying and overcoming communication challenges
  • Use real-world experience to work with group dynamics at a much deeper level
  • Uncover your own behavioral model for working with difficult dynamics
  • Learn to help teams modify their behavior for enhanced dialogue and collaborative performance
  • Discover how to name structural patterns and make intentional choices to change them 
  • Identify the behaviors that challenge you most as a facilitator in order to better serve your team
The Online Format
This course is held in daily 3-hour segments over a 5-day period. Please see the workshop calendar for specific times.

TeamCatapult has been conducting online courses for over 4 years, so we're well-equipped to meet the expectations you have for online learning.  We even provide a Tool Check before each course so that you can optimize technology for your learning experience. 
The Workshop Calendar
Wednesday - Friday, Thursday - Friday
September 8-10, 16-17
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1 PM to 4 PM Eastern Time
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Completion of the Kantor Behavioral Profile on-line assessment is required and included with your registration.  You will receive individual notification before the training begins to take the assessment
We're going to show you...
How to identify and overcome communication challenges
How to help teams modify their behavior and enhance dialogue.
How to make intentional choices to change team behavior
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