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Agile Team Facilitation
Design and lead engaging, purposeful, and fun meetings that achieve the desired results every time

Here's What We Will Cover in the Agile Team Facilitation Workshop

  • Explore the cornerstones of the facilitation stance so you confidently know what’s needed from you in any situation.
  • Practice the steps of planning and design, using pre-defined templates so that you can stop spinning your wheels and wasting time before every meeting.
  • Practice facilitation where you will learn to put the stance and skills into practice. 

  • Apply the facilitation mindset where you will learn to put the stance and the skills into practice.
  • You will plan and design a facilitated session with mentoring from your instructors.
  • You’ll conduct the facilitation and get feedback from your instructors and participants.

It teaches you a good set of tools that you can mix and match to optimize and solve meeting problems.


Agile is more than a set of principles and practices. It’s a culture—a culture of communication and collaboration.

When a team realizes true agility, they can, indeed, nurture their member’s creativity, motivate them to perform at their best and ultimately develop better products faster.

But when Agile is not implemented properly, it can become more painful than traditional top-down management.

For Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches Who Want to

Break the Patterns of Dysfunctional Meetings

So You Can Help Your Team Be Agile Rather than Just Do Agile


You'll transform the way you approach and design meetings because you start with the end in mind.


Use collaborative processes that allow all voices to be heard so the outputs are more effective.


Effectively reach consensus on complex decisions with the team.

This is a highly experiential program. You will have hands-on opportunities to not just learn techniques, but to put them into practice.  

  • Understand the beliefs and assumptions underneath the facilitation mindset that enable you to lead collaborative meetings with confidence and ease
  • Practice the art of planning, designing and conducting effective, collaborative sessions 
  • Engage teams in collaborative processes that allow all voices to be heard so that outputs are more effective
  • Strategies to define and reach consensus on decisions within the team’s scope of authority
  • Confidence to make in-the-moment decisions that impact the outcomes for your team
  • Able to give and receive feedback to grow your own facilitation skills and those of others  
The Online Format
TeamCatapult has been conducting online courses for over 4 years, so we're well-equipped to meet the expectations you have for online learning.  We even provide a Tool Check before each course so that you can optimize technology for your learning experience. 
What about the professional certifications?
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If you are serious about helping your team and investing in your own leadership development, this workshop is for you. 

The Agile Team Facilitation Workshop and our instructors are accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). That means that when you complete this training, you will receive the ICAgile Professional Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) certification.

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...a great opportunity to learn new tools that can be used not just for work but in your personal life...

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...Very informative...Real life application...

Highly recommended - time well spent!"

I thought I knew Agile.
And then I got schooled.

It opened my mind!

It’s designed to transform the way you lead and facilitate... 
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...that change will naturally bring up resistance for you. In fact, it's almost a guarantee that on Day 1, you will hit a bit of a wall because you’re going to have to let go of some bad habits you weren’t aware of in order to try out some new ones.

If you are not willing to grow and be challenged, 

then please do not join us at this workshop!

Monday - Friday
October 25-29, 2021
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1 PM  to 5:30 PM Eastern Time

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Kari McLeod
David Levine
We're going to show you...
How to develop the Agile Team Facilitator mindset.
How to apply what you learn through practice.
How to motivate your team to perform at their best.
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